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Network security combats unauthorized access to third parties. M.I.T. Consulting ensures that your data is secure by safeguarding your network and protecting it against cyber threats. Your customer service satisfaction is deeply dependent on how strong your network security is; your clients will have a growing loyalty to your brand if they are guaranteed that their personal information will not be compromised.

We benefit your business with our specialized network security protocols that include:

↳ Installing updated software and hardware that prohibits unwarranted access

↳ Stopping further distribution of malicious links and viruses from spreading to other devices

↳ Implementing additional security layers involving policies and controls.

↳ Installing threat-focused firewalls that combat even the most advanced viruses and malware.

↳ Mobile Device Security that protects your sensitive data even when you’re on the go.

↳ Strong E-mail security that prevents you from falling victim to internet scams, identity theft, and phishing.

Cabling Services

Our IT services go wherever you go! If your office has recently relocated or you are switching home environments, M.I.T. Consulting will ensure a smooth transition. 

We ensure an ergonomic mounting process in which we inspect every detail of your environment to maximize proper network configuration. M.I.T. Consulting IT technicians are professionally trained in advanced technical installation and will connect all your devices rapidly and efficiently.

We want you to have a transition as smooth as your cables; seamless and out of your way.

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